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Waiting Under Water

Waiting Under Water

by Riel Nason

ISBN 9781443175135 Paperback
240 Pages | Ages 9 to 12
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A beautiful celebration of small town life, friendship and taking on new challenges.

Hope is shaken when her parents announce that they’re leaving their small seaside town and moving to Toronto. Hope’s anxiety skyrockets as she fears making new friends and leaving the ocean and the sea glass that she has been nurturing for years. At least there’s a diversion for her final summer — her village is one of five entrants in a nationwide TV contest to choose the country’s “Tiniest Treasure.” Will her town win? But more importantly, will Hope and her best friend, Willa preserve their friendship through it all?

Rights Sold

  • All rights available

Selling Points

  • High-quality writing
  • Timely theme of anxiety, alongside perennial themes of friendship, family, identity, and home.
  • Watch this author! Her first two novels have been highly acclaimed.


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