Where I'm going to: Grandma Emma's.

Where I came from:
my house.

Does knowing where I'm going to and where I came from mean I'm a bad traveler? I hope not.

Good travelers know how to pack.

I packed my bags very carefully. Everything will fit in a small, wheeled suitcase and knapsack.

Abby's travel list
Jeans and cargo pants
T-shirts and sweaters
Pajamas with purple hearts
Socks, striped and solid Purple tie-dyed underwear
Rain jacket
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Hairbrush and scrunchies
Earrings (just in case Grandma Emma takes me to get my ears pierced)
Journal and purple pen

If you know the answer, you win a free bag of airplane pretzels and a glass of juice. (That's all they give you to eat! Good thing I packed some food.)

The airplane is crowded. There is a man typing on a laptop next to me. Across the aisle, a woman is sleeping. We're flying above the clouds. They look like giant pillows. I wish I could somersault from one to another. Or have a pillow-cloud fight with Natalie and Bethany.

Only ten more minutes and we'll be there!!!!