"Nothing is often a good thing to do and always a good thing to say." - Will Durant
Good Manners Calendar


If I Did Nothing and Said Nothing
  1. The shoe boxes would remain empty.
  2. The kids wouldn't get their presents.
  3. They wouldn't know that Ms. Kantor's class was thinking about them.
  4. Their holidays wouldn't be as much fun.
  5. Our class wouldn't have the satisfaction of making and sending gifts.
  6. Ms. Kantor would be very disappointed
Other Results of Doing and Saying Nothing
  1. I wouldn't be friends with Hannah.
  2. I'd never get my homework done.
  3. I'd never answer questions in class.
  4. I'd flunk fifth grade!!!

Wait! Does that mean I'd be in Ms. Bunder's class forever ???? But if I did nothing, I'd never write anything for her assignments.

So there! Nothing isn't always a good thing to say or do. Something is better than nothing . Isn't that a saying, too?

Today I'm doing something.

I'm making my first announcement to remind everyone to bring in gifts.

Ms. Kantor told me I could suggest ideas for filling the boxes.

  1. Write a poem or letter to put in the box.
  2. Put one of your favorite books in the box.
  3. Put something handmade, like jewelry or a key chain, in the box.

Hooray! Ms. Kantor, Ms. Bunder, and Ms. Yang will be proud of me. Our boxes will be wonderful. The kids will love them.

I hope that we have Mrs. Diorio for a substitute again. Last time we had her, she read us a really exciting book for language arts, and she didn't give any homework. Everyone in the class liked her.

3:30 P.M.

I just reread today's quote: "Nothing is often a good thing to do and always a good thing to say."

This morning I thought the quote was stupid. Now I think it is totally true. I wish everybody took Will Durant's advice.

Especially Ms. Lee, our new substitute.

(What happened to Mrs. Diorio? She was so wonderful!!! Why wasn't she here today?)