More Best Things Yet to Come

In the fall, I go to middle school.
I'm excited and a little scared.

Today at recess, my friend Hannah and I had a conversation about it. We both agreed that we'll like having a different teacher for each class and meeting kids from other parts of town.

I'm a little nervous because Susan B. Anthony Middle School is so much bigger than Lancaster Elementary. Our class visited it last week. There are five different wings and two levels in the middle school. The cafeteria is the size of our gymnasium!

Hannah said not to worry, we'll figure it out really fast. But our friend Mason told us that his older sister, Kathleen, got lost on her second day. She asked for help from an eighth-grader, and he gave her the wrong directions! Mason said that Kathleen's science teacher got mad at her for showing up ten minutes late, even though it wasn't her fault.

I hope this doesn't happen to me.

The person I'll miss most from Lancaster Elementary is Ms. Bunder. Her creative writing classes are the best!

Hannah's dad is a high school teacher. He says there are many fine teachers at Susan B. Anthony. But no one can ever replace Ms. Bunder.

Even though I'm scared and a little sad, I'm still really excited about sixth grade. Maybe I'll be a whole new person! I might make new friends, find new interests, and even have a new look. One more good thing about sixth grade: Hannah and I are a year closer to pierced ears!!! Our moms said we could get them pierced when we're in seventh grade.

Another Best Thing Yet to Come

The Summer.
I have the entire summer ahead of me. It's going to be the best summer of my life!!! I just know it!