"Ignorance is bliss."

YES, it is!

I wish I had never read Sixth Grade Revealed! I would have been MUCH happier without knowing what's waiting for me in middle school.

The book also has bad things to report about school lunches, getting lost, homework, bathroom passes, and gym class.

If only I could go on believing Eva and Isabel when they say that I'll do great! Now I don't believe a word of it.

Did Eva or Isabel write Sixth Grade Revealed?

Hanna and I don't think so.

They are both too______.
Fill in the blank with your choice of

To have written Sixth Grade Revealed.

So how did Sixth Grade Revealed end up with Isabel?

  1. A friend left it in Isabel's room.
  2. Isabel found it on the street.
  3. It was a creative writing exercise.
  4. It's actually a handbook for middle school on another planet, beamed into Isabel's room by a pointy-headed alien.
  5. Explanation X. I can't imagine how Sixth Grade Revealed ended up with my sister.

After reading Sixth Grade Revealed, I've concluded that there is only one thing for me to do. The old Abby will never survive in sixth grade.

I have to be a totally new person on my first day of middle school.

Clothes, hair, shoes, backpack, face - EVERYTHING!