Robert Munsch


Michael Martchenk

Michael Martchenko

Michael Martchenko has always loved to draw. He started off drawing new pictures for his favourite comic books, then went to art school and became the art director at an advertising agency. His first picture book was Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess. Now he writes and illustrates picture books full time from his studio in Toronto, Ontario. He has collaborated with Robert Munsch on many titles, including, Mmm, Cookies!, We Share Everything,
Alligator Baby, Makeup Mess, Up, Up, Down, Andrew’s Loose Tooth, Playhouse, More Pies and Zoom!. He has also illustrated his own books, and such popular titles as Oonga Boonga. Michael loves to include sub-plots and visual jokes in his books -- watch for the chickens in Playhouse, and see if you can spot Michael and Robert Munsch at the bus stop in More Pies!


Our Author Spotlight Q & A with Michael Martchenko (PDF)

Alan and Lee Daniel

Alan and Lea Daniel

Husband and wife team Alan and Lea Daniel paint together in their house in Kitchener, Ontario. Their own children, pets, friends and furniture often appear in their illustrations. They have illustrated several books for Scholastic, including the Robert Munsch titles
Get Out of Bed, Aaron’s Hair, and Canadian Pioneers. They were nominated for the Governor General's Award for Illustration for their book Sody Salleratus.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson is the award-winning illustrator of more than forty children’s books, including Lighthouse: A Story of Remembrance, Daniel’s Dog, In Flanders Fields and Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt. She is known for her sensitive portraits of children and adults. Janet lives in Eden Mills, Ontario.

“Janet Wilson's exquisite cover illustration of Lighthouse sets the tone…. Wilson's gift is facial expressions, and her poignant oil on canvas renderings of Sarah's face as she deals with her sorrow are nothing short of brilliant.”

Eugenie Fernandes

Eugenie Fernandes

Eugenie Fernandes loved exploring the outdoors and making her own little books when she was young. As an adult she has combined these interests by creating books such as Ribbon Rescue, The Tree that Grew to the Moon, Waves in the Bathtub, One More Pet, and Grandpa Dan's Toboggan Ride.

Eugenie is part of a very artistic family. Her father was a comic book illustrator, her husband, Henry Fernandes, is a picture book illustrator who collaborated with her on the book Ordinary Amos and the Amazing Fish, and her two children are also artists. Eugenie lives near Peterborough, Ontario, where she works in a studio that is surrounded by water and woods.

A Message from Eugenie Fernandes

Here is what I want to know.
Did you have a bath last night?
Did waves roll over your head?
Do you have a gigantic tree growing beside your bed?
Would you like a toboggan ride?
Would you, could you climb and hide in the branches of a tree?
I like you. Do you like me?
I like sunshine melting snow,
bugs and frogs, and did you know
that I had vegetables for lunch
with Smudge, my cat, and Robert Munsch?
Smudge had crackers. Bob had tea. I drew things for him to see.
Pictures for his book, Ribbon Rescue. Take a look.
I like painting. Reading too. Sailing, and the colour blue.
Blue on berries. Blue on birds.
I like fiddling with words.
Words like skittle and skedaddle, stupefy and fiddle-faddle.
Now there's something I should tell. I wish I knew how to spell.