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The Chloe & Levesque series - The Third Degree | Over the Edge | Double Cross | Scared to Death | Break and Enter | No Escape | Not a Trace

The Third Degree

"The Third Degree was a great book. I could not put the book down. It was a gripping novel to read. I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to all the teens that are looking for a suspenseful novel to read."
Kristy M., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"The entire Chloe & Levesque series are good books to read."
Farah H., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 8

"I thought this book was excellent. I couldn't put it down. Chloe was my favourite character. I was hoping that Phoebe would learn to love herself the way she was, though, but it was still a great book."
Samantha A., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"Norah McClintock has a clear way of describing situations that leave you hanging until the very last moment. Also her novels often deal with young people in unusual relationships that often remind you of something in your own life. The Third Degree was a great book that I could not put down. "
Deanna A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 8

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Over the Edge

"Awesome! You must read this book, Chloe is funny and the plot is fast. A must-read."
Lorean M., Age 15, Ontario, Rating: 9

"I just finished reading Over the Edge... I couldn't put it down. I finished the book in about 3 days. The storyline was so intense, it was addictive. Iím now reading Double Cross and trying to find the next one in the series. It was the best book I have ever read. You are an AMAZING writer... keep it up!"
Stephanie Z., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"Twisting and exciting! Really makes you think!!! "
Karly S., Age 12, Prince Edward Island, Rating: 10

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Double Cross

"I thought the book was good, and it's the third one I've read out of the six book series, and I recommend the rest of the books."
Mackenzie B., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 9

"When I read Double Cross I always reading many chapters at a time. It made me so curious of what would happen next I couldn't put the book down! Norah's books are great and I always like how they end ó itís just so exciting! Chloe and her mysteries are so great! :)"
Becca H., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 9

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Scared to Death

"Exciting and scary! A young girl is killed and Chloe feels the need to step up and find the killer. Norah McClintock writes another awesomely well-done book in the Chloe and Levesque series."
Scarlett R., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"WOW!!! I loved it, and so will you, it has strong, endearing characters, and a killer plot. I found it hard not to skip to the back of the book, it was just that good. If you have a book report, do this book; it is something you'll have a lot to say about."
Callie, Rating: 9

"This book is my favourite. I love it."
Mary C., Age 10, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This book is so awesome. I read while I was residing in Toronto ó my school had a book fair and I bought it. Honestly, I must say that this book is one of the best ones that I have ever read."
Kimera S., Age 16, Rating: 8

"Iím the type of person who doesnít like to read at all. I had to read a book for my novel study, and once I finished this book, I wanted to read another one by the same author. My opinion on this novel is a good one. I have read almost all the novels from her. I think I only have about 1 or 2 left to read!"
Samantha H., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"I thought the book was an excellent choice for teens. It has a great build-up to the end. I liked the fact how it was a mystery book and there were always more suspects that no one suspected."
Kendra S., Age 13, Manitoba, Rating: 8

"It is probably the best book I've ever read. And believe me, I have read a LOT of books. I recommend any of Norah McClintockís books to ANYONE (especially this one!)!!!"
Samantha M., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This book is very good and I hope to read all of Norahís books."
Adam B., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"Scared to Death was an amazing book. I am a tough pleaser, but I really enjoyed reading this novel. A big thanks to Norah McClintock for giving readers the pleasure of reading this book."
Betty M., Age 13, U.S.A

"I think that this book was very good. It was interesting and kept my attention till the end."
Alyssa S., Age 15, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Break and Enter

"Gripping!! I couldn't put the book down. Best book I've ever read."
Sarah S., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

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"Norah McClintock has done it again! Yet another suspenseful novel with brilliant characters. I suggest this book for teens. They will truly love it as I did. Can't wait to keep reading more of Norah's books!"
Samantha M., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

No Escape

"Brothers and sisters of Canada, if you do not own this book get off your butt, run to your local library or bookstore and get a copy! And while youíre up, get the rest of this series. Each book is fast-moving, thrilling, funny, and overall, endearing."
Vaquil and Bret, Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

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Not a Trace

"This book is amazingly written. I couldn't put it down. Problem after problem, McClintock describes each one with vivid imagery. So sit down and get ready as you imagine yourself in Chloe's situation while she finds a boyfriend and a body."
Scarlett R., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I loved this book!! I actually love all her books. They keep you hanging until the very end."
Natasha S., Age 13, Saskatchewan, Rating: 10

"I am reading Not a Trace and it is really good so far. I can't wait to finish it! Itís probably the best book ever. "
Ashley M., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"If you like mysteries, this is the book for you. It has suspense, and is unpredictable. If you like solving mysteries, and you think you can solve this mystery before the main character, Chloe, does, youíre wrong. This story is so difficult to solve, that Iím surprised that even the author solved it. Read this book, because if you donít like suspense, youíll like it after you read this book."
Chloe S., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"If you enjoy crime and mystery, this book is for you. It DEFINITELY is for me. GO READ IT. NOW!!!"
Leelan F., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This book has been nominated for 2007 Red Maple Award, so I'm sure many of you have read it. This is an amazing book. Read it. If you don't, you don't know what you're missing. Amazing. That's the only word that can truly describe it. Amazing."
Dora C., Ontario, Rating: 8

"Iím still not finished the book, but so far I really love it... I think Iím turning into a McClintock fan!!"
Elena P., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

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