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Hit and Run

"This was easily the best Norah McClintock book I've read so far. This book is the one that got me into crime fiction to begin with. The characters are real and relatable, especially Mike and Billy. I really enjoyed this book, so go buy it NOW! LOL."
Jamie A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I love mysteries, and this one I have been dying to read, so Iím reading it now, and I can hardly put it down. Can't wait to find out what happens!"
Julie, Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This book is wickedly awesome and Mike McGill is awesome and should be in a movie. If Hit and Run were a movie it would be the best of the best."
John Q., Ontario, Rating: 9

"I loved the book. I think they should make a movie out of the book Hit and Run."
Britney, Rating: 10

"I think Hit and Run is an excellent book. This book is about a young man who is trying to feel better about his motherís death by acting up and getting in trouble. He had to live with his uncle Billy after the death. Then his life starts to spiral out of control. To find out the exciting things that happen to Mike, read this book ó itís EXCELLENT!"
Timara C., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This book is the best one I have ever was so interesting I couldn’t put it down. I finished reading it in less than a day. The part I liked best about it was that it wasn’t obvious and had a lot of suspense to it. I’ve read it about 5 times so far."
Shenille C., Age 14, Saskatchewan, Rating: 10

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Truth and Lies

"It is the best book ever. If you are looking for a good book, get this one!"
Becky V., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This was one of the best books I have ever read! I loved the mystery and suspense that kept me wanting to read more! Keep the Mike and Riel and the Robyn Hunter mysteries coming!"
Nicole C., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9 "The book was all-around spectacular, and my opinion is that this book was extraordinary, and you should check it out!"
Haley K., Age 12, Saskatchewan, Rating: 10

"This is one of the best books ever! I've really enjoyed this book because it's filled with mystery and suspense."
Varun D., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Dead and Gone

"I love the Mike and Riel series by Norah McClintock! It is by far my favourite series, and Norah is my favourite author. I am currently reading the book Dead And Gone for an independent novel study project at school, and I am very glad I found this book. I really hope that Norah will write more books in this series. Do not hesitate to read this great book!"
Nicholas B., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I liked this book a lot. I was a fan of Hit and Run, but I didn't get to read Truth and Lies. I thought it was good but a little too predictable."
B H., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 7

"This book was awesome. I could read it over and over again until it made me dizzy. Since we have a mystery novel book report I am chosing Dead and Gone even though I have already read it, like, twice, it's sooooo good, and, by the way, Norah you are the best writer ever!!! I used to write songs but I stopped and then since I have read the Mike and Riel series it made me want to write songs all over again... I just came up with an awesome song and I owe it all to you!!! Thanks!!!!"
Megan K., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I really loved the book Dead and Gone!!!!!! At first when I picked it up and started to read it I thought it would be just another book. Then after the first few chapters, I loved it! This was a great book - I could not put it down."
Kelsey W., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 9

"It talks about Mike's time doing Community Service after being found guilty of a previous minor crime. There, he sees an attractive girl, but surprisingly, an older man seems to be interested in her too. So Mike wants to know about the girl, and so he takes a look into her backpack. . . and is caught! After a while, he realizes that the girl isn't as innocent as he thought she was at first. Instead, he reveals a shocking secret that may put his life in danger!!!"
Naomi H., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This novel is at a middle school readerís level which makes it easy to understand. This book is very intense and well-written. The characters in the story are pretty well-developed although it is better when the reader has read the rest of the series. Even though I havenít read the complete series yet I have to say that Norah McClintock has done an incredibly awesome job on these novels. Previously, I only liked two of the series in the mystery genre but after reading the Mike and Riel series I believe that this genre is progressing very well. I personally enjoyed these books so much that I have read Hit and Run twice and Dead and Gone three times! I have previously read the first book in the series Hit and Run. I have enjoyed reading Dead and Gone and I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series, Truth and Lies."
Ramsha A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This is the best book I have ever read. After reading this book your gonna love the rest of the books Norah writes. She is the best author ever!!!!! (After you read this your never gonna forget the mystery!)"
Samantha M., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I love this book, and it has so much suspense in it."
Anonymous, Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This was an awesome book. It was suspense and a little bit of romance all wrapped in together into one book. This book is suitable for several reading levels. It is by far the best book I have ever read."
Nour A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I loved this book. It was amazing, such a page turner, I cannot wait to read every other book Norah McClintock has written. She is a great author, and I hope she writes more."
Cat M., Age 14, Quebec, Rating: 10

I enjoy the way Norah Mcclintock made it so intense!
Calum B., Age 10, Alberta, Rating: 10

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Seeing and Believing

"Seeing and Believing was an excellent book. The plot was exciting and had a sense of humour. The book has a great title and a cover photograph. I love how Vin is suspected of the murderÖI love the characters."
Alison S., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This is the best book yet. If you have not read one of Norahís books, I would read this one first."
Becky V., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Dead Silence

"I think this book is amazing! The story line is excelent. It's the first book I've read from you and I love it, I really want to read the rest of your books when I'm finished reading this one. :)
Savannah T., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10
"This book is awesome! The creativity and imagination to propel the magnificent plot is simply mindblowing. There has to be more books, no one wants it to end.
Sarah D., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 10

"After I read the first 4 books, of course I had to read this one. To me, Hit and Run is the best out of the series but this one is still excellent. If you haven’t read this book or the series I suggest you do. They are the best."
Shenille C., Age 14, Saskatchewan, Rating: 10

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