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Last Chance

"It was very good although at the end I think Nick and Robyn should have kissed or something —that would have been great! Love the book."
Jocelyn T., Saskatchewan, Age 15, Rating: 10

"This was a great book! I've read it several times through. It has a great plot, lots of twists and unexpected turns that don't confuse you, but leave you wondering "What if. . .," "Or maybe. . .," and in the end everything is cleared up. After you read this book you will have no questions, just final concluding thoughts of your own. The only question you might have is "Is there a sequel, and when!?" This is a great book, and I recommend it to everyone and anyone who is interested in mystery, or are willing to try something new. Trust me, you will not be disappointed after you're done reading this book! I know I already wrote a review, but I had to write one again!"
Reghan B., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This book is really good, it caught me. I just hope the woman hurries up and writes . . . I have them all in Swedish!"
Hannah K., Age 15, Other, Rating: 9

"I must say that even though this is the first book I've read of Norah McClintock, I enjoyed reading it, and it was hard putting it down. It's that good! One of my favourite books!"
Sasha C., Age 14, Ontario

"It's great. I hope it has a sequel."
Sam A., Age 15, Manitoba, Rating: 10

"The book was very interesting. I never got lost in what was happening, and most chapters, to me, were like cliffhangers. So I couldn't stop reading it. I think this is the best book you've written so far. KEEP IT UP, Norah McClintock!!"
Sid D., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 10

"Oh my gosh, I love this book! It's really awesome and I totally love it. It was interesting and it’s mostly about chances. It has great moral lessons."
Elaine C., Age 13, British Columbia, Rating: 10

"Totally awesome!!"
Shilea S., Age 14, Nova Scotia, Rating: 10

"This book is a really great book with unexpected twists and turns. It leaves you hanging in the right spots, and stops every once in a while so you can actually put the book down."
Kirsten M., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This was an awesome book!! I love Norah McClintock's books!"
Alisha M., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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You Can Run

"Great book! I'm even doing a book report on it!"
Cameron M., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 9

"Loved the book... and I hope you can write another one soon."
Hailey, Age 14, Alberta, Rating: 10

"Excellent book!!! Trying to read the whole series. Exciting, interesting, and loads of suspense!!!!"
Madieson M., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I thought this book was great... once I got through the beginning, I just couldn't put the book down!! The books that Norah McClintock writes are the books I've have the most interest in. But I would have to say that this one is my favourite!!!! Keep up the great writing Norah!!!"
Courtney K., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I thought this book was wonderful. I couldn't put it down. It was full of suspense and had a wonderful twist to the end. This book is a must read for all ages. Even though I am not a big fan of mystery this book is by far one of my favorites."
Jamelie B., Age 14, Alberta, Rating: 10

"I love this book. It was the first Norah McClintock book I ever read. If any of you like mysteries and Norah McClintock and haven't read this book, I highly advise you read this."
Catherine A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Nothing to Lose

"I thought that this book was AMAZING!!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!! I've read all of them and I hope that norah mcclintock writes more! That would be sooooooo awesome!! great job! those are my favorite books now!"
Sarah S., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This is the most amazing book that I have ever read! It's so intriguing. I couldn't put it down! Keep up the awesome work Mrs. McClintock!"
Samantha L., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I loved this book, I loved all of them actually, and I can’t wait for there to be more."
Justine U., Age 16, New Brunswick, Rating: 10

"A great book. I’m glad I chose it for my book report."
Rachel B., Age 16, Ontario, Rating: 10

"The author writes with such suspense! I was eager to finish and unravel Robyn's uncovered mystery. I can't wait to read the others! Keep up the fantastic and vibrant writing, Norah McClintock!"
Ariea E., Age 12, British Columbia, Rating: 10

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Out of the Cold

" I really enjoyed this book to my full content. I think you have talents for writing mystery books. This is the first Robyn Hunter book I had read and it surprised me how interesting it was. I had figured the mystery out after you had introduced Max Templeton. Good job!"
Chris L., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This story was captivating. I loved it! I had so much fun reading it. I finished it by the end of the day. It drew me in and I almost never put it down. I love this book and think the author is an AMAZING writer. Bravo. Please write more Robyn Hunter mysteries. Thanks."
Alyson M., Age 13, British Columbia, Rating: 9

"Amazing story! A lot of mystery and very interesting to read. Especially when Nick disappears and she meets Ben!!!"
Cindy N., Age 12, Alberta, Rating: 9

"It was soooo great, I’m just mad Nick wasn’t in it (I love him!)."
Salma H., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 9

"Awesome book. I loved the Nick character but I think adding a new boyfriend helps the books. Love it!"
Janelle, Rating: 9, British Columbia

"This series gets better and better. One of my favorite books of the Robyn series."
Anna N., Age 15, British Columbia, Rating: 10

"Oh my God! This book was awesome!!! I love the Robyn Hunter mysteries! I can not wait till the next one comes out!!!"
Breigh C., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Shadow of Doubt

"This book was extremely good. I did NOT want to put it down! In class, we have reading time and when it was over i got in trouble for not putting my book away. It holds your attention from the very beginning till the end. The ending i thought was kind of stupid though. Overall good book, I LOVED IT. And I LOVE NORAH MCCLINTOCK."
Courtney S., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"When i first read Shadow of Doubt i thought it was the greatest mystery book ever made! i loved it so much that i did all i could to find out if it was a series of books. After i found out it was i was thrilled and got all the books."
Alexa O., Rating: 10

"This is one of the best series’ that I have ever read, this book was excellent but I think it would have been better if Nick was more involved, or if he came back. Nick is a major reason that I read these books. It would be great if he came back soon."
Noshin A., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 8

"I loved it so much!"
Anika B., Age 13, British Columbia

"Oh! This book was fabulous! I liked how it had the date on each chapter! And it left you hanging! I'm so excited for the next one! Can't wait!"
Breigh C., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"All of these books were really good but you know I wanted more romance but all these books were really still good. I know I was supposed to write a review but I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you, how good your books are. You should start making movies from these books. I would then love them even more. They’re all so good, I read each one in one day. I know, I couldn't believe that too. It's really good. Keep making more Robyn Hunter mystery books. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! YOU’RE MY FAVE!"
Leena V., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Nowhere to Turn

"The entire time I was reading this book, my heart was pounding, hoping that Robyn would end up with Nick. Even after I finished the fantastic book, I couldn't sleep the entire night! I love the mystery, but I also love how this series also focuses in on how important her loved ones are to her. I love Nick!!!!"
Alyssa O., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"AWE! i loved this book SO much. i'm so happy that nick finally came back him and robyn are so cute together!"
Amy, Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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Change of Heart

"Change of Heart is a thrilling book! I really enjoted it, in fact I've read it more than three times over onr weekend, and I don't mind reading it again! It just never gets old! And I plan on reading the entire Robyn Hunter Series, and maybe then Norah's other series. Keep it up Norah, and write a few more Robyn Hunter books, PLEASE!"
Sophia R., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I really loved this book. I love how even though Morgan is her best friend, Robyn fights for Billy because she strongly believes he didn't commit the crime he was accused of. Robyn fights for what'ss right even if the risk is big, like losing Morgan'ss friendship forever. Deep down Morgan knows Billy didn't do it but she can't bring herself to admit it. Norah I'm a HUGE fan of your books :)."
Nicole H., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"Hello, i found this book was the best out of all the books you have written! They are all great though. Keep writing! :) Thank you!"
Ryleigh D., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"AWESOME BOOK, mostly because it has a surprise ending, it made me think, i couldn't sleep after stopping midway!"
Katrina M., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"WELL WRITTEN!!! loveeddd the plot twist!!! i especially like the ending scene with nick!!!! hehehe amazingg!!! =)."
Jess W., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 10

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In Too Deep

" I love love love this book!! Please continue to write more... you said yourself you loved to write and we love to read your books! This book was intense and it was just... amazing! Nick is always my favorite character ever even though he can be a jerk. This was the first book of yours I read! I loved it and couldn't wait to get my hands on more of them! I asked my librarian if she could get in every one of your books. Thank you, you are an amazing author!"
Nicole H., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"Please write more! i know i already wrote a review for this book but it is just that awesome! keep it up Norah! Go! Norah! Go! OMG i love Nick he is totally my fav please write more about him."
Carly D., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"OMG i love this book so much!!!!!!!!!!! You have to write more. They can't end now! I love this series too much! Please write more! I love these books!"
Carly D., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I thought this book was very suspenseful. Don't ever let Nick die, he is the best character. You had me holding my breath."
Cassie G., Age 12, Rating: 9

"WOW. This book was a real nail biter. I really wasn't expecting the ending. I was so scared for Nick. He's my favourite character after all. No worries I'm not spoiling anything - this was such a great book all the way through. A relatively easy read that keeps you entertained."
Annie O., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 9

"OMG!! i think this book was so0o0o0o AWESOME i read it in like 3 hours ... i hope you can write more .... i love the Robyn Hunter Mysteries and ABSOLUTLY ADORE nick :)
Elmah C., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

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