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by Sharon Stewart

Though Tok is the best flyer of all the ravens — they call him Skydancer — he is banished from his flock and will be killed if he dares return. To reclaim his honour and that of his dead father he vows to reunite all raven kind with the Grey Singers, legendary beings who used to hunt with the ravens long ago — each helping the other. But to complete his quest, Tok must travel from the Raven Mountains… into the dangerous land of the Two-legs.

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Excerpt from RAVEN QUEST
by Sharon Stewart

"Fly, Tok! Fly for your life!"

Pruk's voice cut through Tok's fear, releasing him. He sprang into the air, wheeling away into the woods at the edge of the glade. It would be certain death to try for the open sky, he knew. They were too many. They would surround him, force him to the ground.

Behind him he heard the deadly chorus, and the heavy swish of many raven wings. He flew wildly, dodging tree trunks, tearing his feathers on the tips of branches. He could hear his pursuers crashing after him. Others, he knew, would be waiting in the air above the forest.

He flew until he could fly no more, then plunged into the sheltering branches of a pine tree. Huddling in the darkest corner near the trunk, he tried to still the wild throbbing of his heart. Moments later, the hunters winged past him. Their voices faded into the distance, and Tok drew a shivery breath of relief. Then he heard them again. They were coming back!

"Lost him!" a harsh voice screamed in rage.

Tok trembled. It was Groh!

"Calm yourself, my lord!" said another voice, coldly. "He may have doubled back or hidden himself. Here is where we lost sight of him. Let's search more carefully."

They were all around him now. Someone rustled the branches of the pine tree, and Tok heard the scrape of claws. In panic, he bolted out the opposite side. Harsh voices yelled in triumph as the pursuers caught sight of him again. Once more the terrible chant began.

"Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!"

Other voices, many of them, echoed the deadly call from above the forest roof. Tok felt one of the pursuers slash at his tail feathers. No use to twist and turn now, no use to hide. They were right behind him.

Better to die under the open sky, thought Tok. He fled toward the light at the edge of the forest and burst out into a long narrow valley. Behind him, the hunters yelled in triumph; above, the sky was black with wings.

As he rose into the air, a raven dove at him, stabbing with his beak. Another followed, then another. There was no way to fight them, no way to escape. Tok used every trick he knew, but no matter how he turned and twisted in the air, they overwhelmed him.

Under a storm of pecks and buffets he was beaten to the ground.

Pursuers and pursued crashed to earth in a tangle of wings. Flipped onto his back, Tok struck at his tormentors with beak and claws, but they pinioned him to the ground, a large raven standing on each wing. The rest gathered in a crowd around him. Tok stared from one pair of cold eyes to the next.

Why were they waiting? Then Lord Groh stalked forward and planted one clawed foot on Tok's chest. Leaning forward, eyes blazing, he croaked, "Now, murderer of nestlings, you will feel my justice."

From Raven Quest. Copyright © 2003 by Sharon Stewart.

Your Reviews

"Amazing almost feels like I'm on an adventure with Tok."
Satish D., Age 16, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I think that this book told a lesson of life. To take chances and be proud of who we are."
Maia S., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I thought that Raven Quest was an excellent book because it had a lot of detail. It also has a very good storyline and shows a lot of emotional parts in it."
Katie S., Age 9, Ontario, Rating: 10

"The book Raven Quest was awesome. It was the greatest book I have ever read in my Silver Birch experience; it was gripping and I would read it again."
Ben R., Age 12, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I loved Raven Quest! I could not and would not put it down. Sharon Stewart's Raven Quest has quickly become one of my fav books!!"
Cheyenne C., Age 13, Ontario, Rating: 10

"This is probably the best book I've ever read. Every night I'd look forward to reading it. Sharon Stewart should make a sequel to this book that involves the nestlings and pups of the main characters. I just wish Kaa hadn't died though. It would be nice if the sequel could have some kind of twist that brings back Kaa.
P.S. This book should be made into an animated series or movie!!"
Kitty M., Age 13, Alberta, Rating: 10

"It was awesome! Once I began reading it I loved the plot, it was great. Raven Quest OWNS ALL!"
S.J., Age 10, Ontario, Rating: 10

"I thought the book was exciting and wonderful."
Nici F., Age 12, British Columbia, Rating: 10

"I enjoyed this book and it was well-written. I even look at ravens and crows differently now in real life!"
Brandon L., Age 13, British Columbia, Rating: 10

"I have never read a better book! I hope the author keeps writing good books!"
William H., Age 10, Ontario, Rating: 10

"It is an amazing book. I like how Sharon Stewart came up with those legends."
Francesca P., Age 11, British Columbia, Rating: 8

Kristen K., Age 12, U.S.A., Rating: 8

"A truly amazing book. I simply couldn't put down. I read for hours, I just had to know what was going to happen in the end."
Kaylie M., Age 17, Ontario, Rating: 10

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