The Royal Diaries

The Last Grand Duchess,
Russia, 1914

Written by Carolyn Meyer
ISBN 0-439-12908-7

The story of Anastasia has intrigued the world for many years. Through young Anastasia Romanov’s eyes, readers are given a heart-wrenching look into one of the most dramatic times in history, filled with both beauty and desperation.

25 April 1914 Livadia

Papa took us on another long walk. Mama and Alexei joined us later for a picnic, although Mama was feeling weak and needed her wheelchair. An odd thing happened. My sisters and I were picking wildflowers in a meadow, and Alexei was lying on a blanket nearby staring up at the clear blue sky, when suddenly he said, "I wonder what's going to happen to us?"

We asked him what he meant, and he couldn't explain it just that he had a strange feeling that something was going to happen, and that next year we wouldn't be here.

"Nonsense," Mama said, but I wasn't at all sure that he was speaking nonsense. Alexei has a way of sensing things.