The Royal Diaries

Princess of the Moon and Stars,
Korea, A.D. 595

Written by Sheri Holman
ISBN 0-439-16586-5

The captivating story of a 14-year-old Princess Sondok from ancient Korea, a nation fraught with political and religious intrigue.

16th day of the 1st moon,
17th year of King Chinp’yong

I am such an ungrateful child, Grandmother. I have everything a princess could want, and yet I am not happy. But it makes sense to have an observatory, one centralized location devoted only to stargazing. Right now, the astronomers work from their halls over the kingdom, but there is no one place from which all measurements might be taken, no one holy spot devoted solely to the mapping of the havens. Every year I ask for the same thing – an observatory of my very own, and every year my Father pats my head like a child. Before I was a child but I have been working so hard this past year. I felt he was on the verge of giving in, Grandmother, but something changed.

Desires are our downfall. Desires are our downfall.