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Slapshots #1- The Stars from Mars
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 0-439-93869-4 PBK
160 pages
Ages 9 to 11
5 ¼” x 7 5/8”

The kids from Mars finally get a chance to play in the Waterloo Slapshot League — but they stink! They’ve got one player who can’t skate backward, another player who can’t skate forward, and a coach who calls everything a “watchamacallit.” If they don’t get their game together soon, they’re sure to be booted from the league!

Excerpt from Slapshots #1: The Stars from Mars

Trent got his breathing under control and started to talk. “Happer Feldman just came over to my house. He told me that the Stars aren’t a hundred percent in the league yet. It’s only a trial membership.”

“He’s lying!” cried Josh. “How could he know something like that?”

“His uncle’s the league president,” Trent retorted. He turned to Boom Boom. “Coach? Do you know anything about that?”

Boom Boom shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. “I didn’t want to worry you,” he admitted. “But it’s true. That Mr. Whosis —“

“Feldman,” supplied Mrs. B. “He wouldn’t give us full membership. Not even when Boom Boom offered to be coach and sponsor.”

“You mean they’re going to throw us out?” wailed Cal.

“Maybe not,” was the most the coach could reassure us. “The next whatsit meeting is on November fifteenth. That’s when they’ll decide if we’re in our out.”

A babble of protest filled Mars Health Food. Even Whatsisface howled.

“Wait a minute.” Alexia’s quiet voice drowned the hubbub like a bucket of water on a campfire. She turned blazing eyes on Trent. “Happer Feldman hates your guts! How come you two are having this heart-to-heart talk about the fate of our hockey team?”

Trent looked sheepish. “He wants me back on the Penguins. His uncle told him that if the Stars get kicked out, they’ll let me return to my old team.”

“Well, congratulations,” she said with false heartiness. “That’s what you wanted right from the start, isn’t it?”

Trent got so mad that you could almost see smoke coming out of his ears.

What’s your problem?!” he roared, as loud as she was quiet. “Since when do you have some magical power to read minds? You don’t know what I want!”

“So what did you tell him?” I asked, doing my best to act like a reporter in this supercharged scene. “Happer, I mean.”

Trent’s eyes shot sparks. “I told him I wouldn’t go back to his lousy Penguins if he promised to engrave my name on the Stanley Cup!”

“If they kick us out, you won’t have any choice,” Josh reminded him.

Coach Bolitsky stood up. “Mr. Whosis can only cancel our membership if he can show that we’re not competitive.”

“We’re competitive,” Brian put in. “I mean, sort of.”

“We’ve got to prove it,” Trent said firmly.

Alexia jumped to her feet. “We?” she said sarcastically. “We? So now that your precious hockey career is on the line, you’re one of us?”

“Okay!” exclaimed Trent. “I admit it — I’m not thrilled to be here. But I am here. And we’re in this together.”

Copyright © 1999 by Gordon Korman. All rights reserved.

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