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Sheilah Currie

As nominated by Nikole Kritikos, Deborah Zwicker and Dianne Scott:

“Sheilah worked as a Reading Recovery teacher for the York Region and Toronto District School Boards, helping at-risk children learn to read. She has written more than 60 story books that are used in elementary school literacy programs in Canada and the U.S., and has served as a developmental editor and manager of quality control in educational publishing.

In 2006, Sheilah received a City of Toronto Community Service Volunteer Award for her work with the ReadUP reading clubs, and in 2015 she received a Legacy Award from Volunteer Toronto.

As a person, Sheilah is an utter joy to work with. She is wonderful, positive, and knows every child and their parents by name, and she knows how to make them feel special through their reading success. I genuinely believe her ReadUP clubs make an unquantifiable difference in the kids' academic success, and in their emotional well-being. The ReadUP clubs provide a safe, inclusive space for families of all backgrounds. She is a true Reading Champion, and she inspires all of her volunteers to commit to this amazing project. Read more about ReadUP at”

Scholastic library donation made to:
ReadUP Reading Clubs

Cathy Fischbuch

As nominated by Dawn King-Hunter:

“Cathy epitomizes the perfect librarian. She is excited about reading and she personally reads 5–7 young adult books a week. She knows her stuff! This year, she orchestrated a “Battle of the Books.” Initially, she chose 32 of the most popular library books and pitted them against each other. Each week, during library period, students would get a book talk about the contenders or an excerpt read from the books. Then, students voted on each duo of books and one of them would be eliminated. After six weeks, two books remained in the competition and the final vote indicated the favorite book. The kids were more excited about reading than ever. Throughout the month and a half, teachers promoted their favorite books by decorating their doors in the spirit of the book and by having friendly competition between colleagues. Even our busy principal got involved and was, quite frankly, very competitive. As a wrap up, we had a school-wide, dress-as-your-favorite protagonist day. Circulation in the library increased by well over 1200 books. Simply amazing!”

Scholastic library donation made to:
G.S. Lakie Middle School

Patrick Meyer

As nominated by Rosa Bicanic:

“Mr. Patrick Meyer is our amazing school principal. Within our school population, we have a high number of ELL students and many diverse learners. Mr. Meyer wanted to promote literacy within our school, and he organized an entire week of literacy activities for the students. We held our first ‘Literacy Week’ from May 1st until the 5th. It was a huge success and the students had a great time reading and participating in our literacy activities. Each day a different activity was scheduled to incorporate literacy in some way. A read-a-thon, word dress up day, and even a visit from an award-winning author, were some of the events held in our school. Jacqueline Guest, a local author, spent the entire day presenting to our students. Her books have been flying off the shelves since her visit. A book tournament was held for the entire week in which students had to read a selection of books and vote for their favorite one. A comic book club has now been formed after one of the literacy sessions, where students can create their own graphic novels. Thanks to Mr. Meyer and the efforts of the entire staff, it was a great idea and a huge success. Our students were engaged and interested. It was wonderful to see their interest and enjoyment. Circulation in the library has increased tremendously and that is due to Mr. Meyer and our first annual ‘Literacy Week.’ ”

Scholastic library donation made to:
St. Wilfrid School

Robert Munsch

As nominated by Denise Anderson:

“Robert Munsch has logged countless miles over the past five decades visiting children in their schools and communities to share his stories. Many of those visits were to remote communities. I was lucky enough to accompany him to Rigolet, Labrador, and to witness the magic of Robert interacting with kids — talking not just about books and reading, but life as a kid in general. As his popularity grew, he moved to doing ‘stealth’ visits to schools. He tracked schools who had written him about visiting and would just show up at the school unannounced. ‘You wanted me to come, I'm here!’ I was at his home one time when a kid from Newfoundland knocked on his door and announced, ‘I'm here!’ The child had written to Robert and Robert told him to visit him if he ever got to Ontario. So the boy and his parents jumped in their truck and did a road trip to Guelph.

His connection to children is undeniable and even though he hasn't toured for many years, his books are still much loved by parents who enjoyed his stories as children and are now parents themselves, and by kids just discovering him.

Aside from his books, Robert acted for many years as Honorary Chair of ABC Life Literacy’s Family Literacy Day, appeared on the Easter Seals Telethon and supplied countless of signed books for various fundraisers. And those are just some of the things we know about.

He also has for many years allowed his books to be translated into Indigenous languages without charging a royalty fee, helping communities to preserve their own languages and share them with their younger generations.

Robert is Canada's bestselling author, and he is probably one of the country’s best-loved authors too!”

Scholastic library donation made to:
Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan School

Louise Mathieu-Mills

As nominated by Hélène Essiambre and Louise Mathieu-Mills:

“The Fondation de la Guilde du Pain d’Épices was founded in 1999 by Dr Louise Mathieu-Mills to promote the development of Canadian and international children by offering a hands-on opportunity to experience quality education with a gingerbread cookie and a book in one package. It organizes many literary and cultural activities to help children acquire basic skills for a healthy future, such as self-esteem, healthy eating and global awareness.

Each year, the Foundation makes a substantial donation of books for children ten and under to a rural community library. For the last five years, five libraries located north of the Lanaudière region received a book collection carefully selected for its educational value. Later, the Foundation adds more books to the collection.

The program allows hundreds of children, who would otherwise not have access to books, to borrow books and take them home. Moreover, it represents a unique effort to share the joys of reading with the children of the region; finally, it emphasizes the importance and benefits of literacy by allowing children to discover reading at a young age and to maintain this interest while they grow up.

Some of the yearly activities of the Foundation include: the Gâteau-livre délectable (in the spring), the Citrouilles solidaires (in the fall) and the Gâteau géant (Christmas market) in Joliette.”

Scholastic library donation made to:
The Fondation de La Guilde du Pain d'Épices

Wendy Mason

As nominated by Larry Swartz:

"Wendy Mason is a book champion extraordinaire. For the past twenty years Wendy has worked in the children's book department at an Indigo book store and her knowledge and enthusiasm has resulted in thousands of books getting into the hands of thousands of people, including parents, educators and kids. What is specially notable about Wendy's interest is her commitment to promoting Canadian books first. She continues to be informed and connected to authors and illustrators and is eager to honour the many talented Canadian creators whose work may often be unread or unseen. Whether it's being a compass, a travel guide, or a cheerleader, Wendy enjoys cultivating readers with good books. Like all reading champions, she has a mission to get books into the hands and minds and hearts of young people."

Scholastic library donation made to:
St. Bernard School

Shelley Davis Forman

As nominated by Arrowwood students:

"We were touched by the tremendous outpouring of nominations from the grade 6-9 students at Arrowwood School who nominated their teacher, Ms. Shelley Davis Forman for being a reading inspiration. The children she teaches have been inspired and have learned that reading isn’t just words on a page, it's what your imagination can come up with."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Arrowwood School

Rose Reid and Bonnie Ryan

As nominated by Sharon Wass:

"Bonnybooks was launched in 2005. Rose Reid and her assistant Bonnie Ryan, with the Bighorn Library in Exshaw, Alberta decided to act on their belief that every child should own books. Over the past twelve years the program has distributed 64,038 books to children who may not have otherwise had a home library.  A true testament to the success of the program is seeing young parents, who initially received books from the program, bring their children to the library to take part in the programs and to borrow books. I heartily endorse the Bonnybooks program for its continuing efforts to promote a love of reading and helping to ensure the Exshaw library has a great selection of First Nations titles on their shelves for their large number of regular young patrons."

Scholastic library donation made to:

Rebecca Gomes

As nominated by Daphne Young:

"Rebecca Gomes teaches inner-city children, new Canadians and children with exceptionalities in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Such a diverse group of children with vastly different skill levels requires special effort and understanding in order to engage them and excite a passion for reading. Rebecca has succeeded doing that. Being creative-minded, and an excellent knitter, she has had several ‘mystery guests’ (in the form of knitted animals) drop by the classroom and leave clues, which the class reads together. To build real-life skill sets she introduced to the classroom was their very own ‘Pizza Parlour’, complete with menus and signage. The children learn through active play, and they have great fun ordering their favourite pizzas. With mystery, creative play, and individual and group tasks, Rebecca Gomes is introducing a new generation to the joy of reading. She really is a Reading Champion!"

Scholastic library donation made to:
Greenway School

Lisa Perrotta-Huhse

As nominated by Zoe Harrison (with permission from her mother, Robyn Harrison):

"Mme P.H. is a reading champion because at our school she started a French home reading program and no one else had started one. She took the time to read with everyone who is doing the French home reading, not just my class, to make sure they were assigned the right level of French books to read and take home. That's why I think Mme P.H. is a reading champion. I like reading in French every night."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Franklin Public School

Julie Lampron

As nominated by Cindy Bérubé Lessard :

"Two years ago, I went from teaching third grade to first grade at my school. Julie was teaching the same grade as me. I was used to teaching with workbooks but Julie wanted to get rid of the workbooks. She wanted to teach using children’s literature. Phew! That idea made me dizzy. But thanks to her passion and her will to make children want to read when they experienced real books, Julie convinced me and another colleague to do it her way. Now, because of Julie and her passion for books, our first graders learn by reading real books. I must mention that our students come from an underprivileged environment and don’t have access to a lot of children’s literature. Julie lobbied the school management to get books at an appropriate level and made us discover her favorite books, authors and illustrators. She presented projects based on books. In short, she transmitted her passion to my colleague and I, as well as to the students who are now familiar with Jon Klassen, Carole Tremblay, Mathieu Maudet, etc. They read the back cover to get an idea of the book, they flip through the text, make predictions, but mostly they read for fun. At the Maurice-L. Duplessis school, other colleagues swapped their workbooks for books, inspired by Julie. Therefore, more students are in contact with books.

Julie is also involved in the reading committee. Since she arrived at our school, she has been organizing the Caravane du livre and an exceptional reading week (rallye des livres coups de cœur, reading in the dark, reading with parents under trees, meeting book creators, etc.). She even started a free library book exchange (Croque-Livres in French) for the teachers.

Every year, Julie also approaches different publishers and foundations to get new books for our students.

Julie is inspired by books and is inspiring! Thanks to her, children’s literature shines in our school! Thank you, Julie!"

Scholastic library donation made to:
École Maurice-L.-Duplessis

The Children’s Book Bank

A number of nominations was received for The Children's Book Bank and the Director of Inventory and Outreach, Roxanne Deans.

"The Children’s Book Bank is a charitable organization that provides free, gently used books to children in low-income neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. With its one of a kind storefront and through community partners, the Children’s Book Bank gives children a chance to build their own treasured libraries and to develop a lifelong love of reading. The safe and welcoming environment provides parents and children with a sense of community and a place of imagination, dreams and possibilities. The Book Bank does many things to promote literacy on top of giving children books which become part of their personal library. Cost does not need to be a factor in allowing children to build a library of their own. Children and parents are helped with selecting books and parents get additional support when requested to help them promote literacy in their home. It is an amazing service that provides books to children and families who might not otherwise be able to afford them. The Book Bank has definitely helped foster a love of reading in kids."

Scholastic library donation made to:
The Children’s Book Bank

Marnie Paterson

As nominated by Sandi Richardson:

"Marnie Paterson, better known by the students at Deer Run Elementary School, as Grandma Marnie, began a Reading Grandparents Program 22 years ago after attending an Anti-Poverty Conference. It was at this conference that Marnie learned about the link between poverty and poor reading ability. Marnie raised awareness at her church and friend groups and decided to create a group of “grandparents” that would support students with their reading on a weekly basis. …. It is definitely easy to see that Marnie is a very dedicated individual. She is passionate about building relationships, reading with children and making a difference in their lives. Marnie is a true “Reading Champion” in our eyes, giving students the gift of literacy."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Deer Run Elementary School

Katelyn Schubert

As nominated by Brandon Schubert:

"My wife Katelyn Schubert creates the most innovative environment for the developing minds of today. She works for the Petawawa Public Library in Ontario. She is employed there with 57 hours every two weeks but spends more than 80 hours in the workplace, cataloging the books she buys. On the Library's budget she's had to develop ways to stretch her book buying power. Everywhere she goes she is adding new and replacing old literature in her ever expanding shelves. On top of what I see on a daily basis she conducts some ingenious programs at the library, and I must say her book displays are incredible. Before every school year she will have the ""50 first books before kindergarten challenge"". She writes a column for the Daily Observer or local paper every two weeks to establish the importance of childhood literacy. My favorite program she does is for toddlers and it’s called ""toddler time bingo"" where they play bingo with the column for ""B"" would have a blue square or a bumble bee or a baseball, etc. You would need to see the kids’ faces…As you may have noticed I could go on for days. Sincerely, Brandon Schubert the lucky husband of the best children's librarian in Canada."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Petawawa Public Library

Carrie Gelson

As nominated by Heidi Clark :

"I, along with my colleagues, and the students of our school are fortunate to have Carrie as part of our staff. Her passion and dedication for the love of reading is a boon to our Inner City school. Carrie's blog, , is an ongoing love letter to literature. I can attest to her obsession with books. Walk into her classroom and you are in fact walking into a library. Shelves upon shelves of books line the perimeter of the classroom. Student art and writing inspired by literature line the walls. You can't help be in awe. In the staff room she brims with exuberance sharing her latest reading exploit. The past month she held Mock Caldecott awards in her class. This was followed by a Skype session with an author/illustrator. There is always something amazing happening in her classroom. I am grateful that I can pop into her classroom to be inspired and receive book recommendations. Outside of school hours I can be inspired by visiting her Twitter feed Carrie is a worthy recipient of Scholastic's Reading Champions. Visit her blog and her Twitter feed and it is readily apparent why she deserves this award."

Scholastic library donation made to:
The Writers' Exchange Society

Yves Nadon

As nominated by Chantale Lalonde:

"Yves has been promoting the joy of reading for more than 30 years. He has dedicated his career to teaching others about the importance of reading for children, especially in the classroom. He created a popular newsletter “Des mots et des craies”, for educators, he has translated books on the subject, has written influential articles about using literature in the classroom, and also worked tirelessly to put together what became THE conference in Quebec, on the subject of literacy and promoting a love of reading in children. In short, he has been a tireless literacy advocate, , conference planner, a publisher, a translator, and a writer, all while being a classroom teacher himself. To the delight of his students, he also implemented a new vision for classroom layouts, creating a “reading loft”, reminding us all that giving the gift of reading, can be as simple as making the reading space more fun."

Scholastic library donation made to:
École Marguerite-Bourgeoys

Al Jones

As nominated by Su Kerslake:

"Mr. Al Jones has been a volunteer with Edmonton Public Schools for more than six years since he retired from the Edmonton Police Service.  Through the course of his career, Al realized that many of the offenders he worked with had significant literacy difficulties and recognized that these literacy difficulties were impacting their economic choices, mental health and success as adults.  It was because of this passion that Al sought out a needy elementary school at which to volunteer his time. Al volunteers every morning from 9:00 until 11:30, when he can be observed working with individuals or small groups of students practicing spelling, reading and writing. But perhaps the most significant contribution Al makes to his students lives is the discussions he has with them. Through the context of literacy activities, Al encourages our students to talk about their lives, their successes and their struggles.  He helps them to see the importance of literacy and school in their current and future lives. His volunteer work has, and will continue to make positive impacts in the lives of children."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Thorncliffe Elementary School

Gail Ross

As nominated by Katherine Loughrey:

"Gail Ross is the manager of the Upper Miramichi Public Library, which used to be located next to our Elementary School. Due to consolidation, the library moved a fair distance away. This was a great loss to our community, but didn’t stop Gail from bringing books and programs to our kids.  She visits our school at least monthly throughout the school year to deliver reading programs, organize author visits, accompany interesting guests, write and perform puppet shows, plays, and bring us exciting and interesting hands-on literacy activities.  It is always a great pleasure to have her come and share her excitement for reading and text.  She also runs fabulous programs out of the library, and works with our teachers to offer an awesome Summer Reading Program that helps to ensure that many of our students are receiving continued literacy support during Summer Break. I highly recommend Gail Ross as a great Canadian Reading Champion"

Scholastic library donation made to:
Upper Miramichi Elementary School and Community Library

A. Hatherell and A. Rosner

This founder and organization received over 25 separate nominations!

"This organization has done an AMAZING job of getting books into the hands of young readers in Indigenous communities who are less fortunate. These children live in often isolated communities where social wellness and access to literature is severely limited. The Books with Wings foundation is truly changing the lives of these children and their families. Their book donations are giving children hope by educating them and providing them with thoughts of the future and the possibilities that exist outside of their suffering communities. Anna regularly provides updates of the countless letters these children send in appreciation of the donated books. The thank you letters from children are so heartfelt and touching and it's so clear that Books-for-Wings is truly changing their lives for the better.  Since 2011, Books with Wings sent almost 10,000 books to children who are geographically isolated and would otherwise have no books.  It's my hope they will be chosen for the Reading Champions so they can continue to change page at a time."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Books with Wings: A First Nations Literacy Project

Judith Drinnan

As nominated by Susan Travis:

"Judith Drinnan has owned and operated The Yellowknife Bookseller since 1979, providing this community with its one and only bookstore.  She continually gives back to the community.  She has been instrumental in the developing & organizing of a literary festival called NorthWords, and works closely with educators, and librarians in the community to bring authors into the community and share the gift of reading with children at their schools. She is a force in the northern community and was instrumental in the success of a program dubbed “The Flying Bookstore”, a project that took books to the communities in the North West Territories that, in some cases, were so remote they could only be reached by plane (hence the moniker!). Judith took an incredible amount of time each year in the choosing, curating and growing the selection of books to take into these communities, and the project reached 89 communities, giving away over 35,000 books! I truly believe Judith is one of Canada’s foremost Reading Champions."

Scholastic library donation made to:
NWT Literacy Council

Margaret Gee

As nominated by Brianna Sims:

"Margaret Gee has inspired a love of reading in all of the children at Kitaskinaw School in Maskekosak (Enoch Cree Nation). Margaret has taught at our school for over fifteen years and has dedicated her career to improving literacy in her own classroom, as well as supporting literacy programs in her co-workers’ classrooms. Ms Gee is currently our literacy coach and works with students from K–9 on a daily basis using a Reading Intervention program. Margaret also volunteers her free time by hosting a Reading Club every Wednesday, often dressing up as the characters in the stories! Ms Gee has been incredibly successful in instilling the love of reading in all of those who attend her Reading Club — it is always a packed class. Ms Gee deserves nothing less than to be rewarded for her dedication to improving children’s experiences with literacy!"

Scholastic library donation made to:
Kitaskinaw School

Mary Friesen

As nominated by A Murray:

"Mary works tirelessly, bringing reading and the joy of books to children of all ages in our K–12 school. She doesn’t stop there! She also shares this joy with the adults! Teachers and parents are often seen talking with her about books, and she matches their interests with literature that suits them. She is able to encourage reading books outside their regular choices and in doing so has broadened their love of various writing styles and genres. The Scholastic Reading Club program is run by Mary, and she works outside regular school hours to keep everything running smoothly. This past summer a program was started to have our school library open one day a week to continue to serve and encourage readers in our small community. As we do not have a local library, this was a great service to provide over the summer holidays. Mary is a gem in our school community and it would greatly honour her, I’m sure, to be recognized for all her contributions. We all benefit from Mary’s love of books!"

Scholastic library donation made to:
Children's Hospital Winnipeg and Rosenort School

Sheila Koffman

As nominated by Maria Martella:

"Sheila Koffman was one of the first booksellers in Ontario to focus on books that promote awareness of social justice and equity themes for children, teens and adults. She has been a dedicated champion of the voices of minority groups and diverse books for over thirty years — before it was popular to sell these types of books. Sheila’s vision and approach to bookselling brings affirmation to the lives of those we don’t often hear from. She has drawn attention to books that encourage children and their parents to explore the diversity in our world. She is highly respected by her peers and customers, as well as publishers and authors. She supports reading through her many book events in the store, at school board events across Ontario, and every day in her bookstore and community. Sheila has a strong commitment to ensuring children are given the very best books, and it is evident to all who know her."

Scholastic library donation made to:
Rose Avenue Junior Public School and Queen Victoria Public School

Cheryl Jewitt

As nominated by Laura Loschmann:

"Miss Jewitt IS a Reading Champion! Each year, she inspires her students to read their books each night by giving them critters to colour for every six books they read. When their “critter wall” is full, she uses her own resources and time at home to cook a taco feast as a reward for her students. Each year, this is a major event in her grade 1-2 class She loves to read and reads to her class with enthusiasm. I stopped by as a parent and was invited into a darkened supply room, where her entire class had gathered to read a glow-in-the-dark book where they were invited to guess the skeletons of several different species of animals by their glow-in-the-dark bones. Miss Jewitt is an exceptional teacher and she makes learning fun. Math is fun with Miss Jewitt’s general store. You know science is going to be great when Miss Jewitt carries in pails of snow or when the students are having shake-the-jar competitions to make real butter. Her class also participates in a school-wide reading challenge each February, which they have won two years in a row for having the most number of minutes spent reading for the month — now that tells you something about her influence! Please consider this fabulous lady!"

Scholastic library donation made to:
Platsville Christian School

The Literacy Foundation – The Gift of Reading

As nominated by Nathalie Portugais:

"The Literacy Foundation offers many programs for both children and adults. The Gift of Reading program encourages a love of reading by providing children in need with reading resources and literacy support."

Scholastic library donation made to:
The Literacy Foundation