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Sins of the Father

When sixteen-year-old Mick is driven to his father's home town and dumped there his Dad refuses to tell him why, but assures Mick that he'll return. Mick is used to his father's frequent disappearances - more often than not, he's in jail. So Mick doubts that his Dad will come back, although he'd never let on to the relatives he's just met. For now, he's stuck with his father's family who give him the cold shoulder while they bad-mouth his Dad. And the townspeople are even worse - they're downright hostile. So Mick decides to find out as much as he can about his Dad's past.

Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 0-590-12488-9 PBK
200 pages
Ages 11 to 14


"Where are we going?" Mick must have asked the question a hundred times. That and, "What's the big rush?" He might as well have been speaking Latin to a newborn baby for all the good it did. Dan didn't answer. All he'd say was, "Hurry up. We've gotta get out of here and we don't have all day."

So Mick threw jeans and T-shirts, clean socks and extra underwear, a sweater and his jacket into a nylon gym bag. Then, when Dan wasn't looking, he slipped in the little tin box of keepsakes he'd dragged with him wherever he went over the past six years. He zipped up the bag and allowed himself to be hustled out of the cramped apartment.

From Sins of the Father. Copyright © 1998 by Norah McClintock. All rights reserved.